Queenspark 2

Alteration & Addition

Architect: Dadaa Chaaya

Year Completed: 2014

Project overview: Built in the late 1800’s, this dilapidated sandstone cottage was resurrected and transformed from a tired and humble one bedroom home to a sympathetic four bedroom masterpiece , that will stand proud to reveal its history for generations to come.

Set in a quite but narrow street in Sydney’s Queens Park, this diamond in the rough was meticulously restored and polished for all to admire and respect. This project certainly pushed the boundaries of balance and use of space. The integration of the existing cottage plays a major role in the dramatic effect it presents from the moment you walk through the front door.

Craftsmanship was the key to success, with client and trades alike aiming to complete the project at a level unsurpassed to recreate a piece of history.

In order to achieve this we needed to ensure that the level of attention and detail was second to none, and that all who participated in this journey were willing to sacrifice their time in order to focus on such a project.

Rock breaking and cutting was a painstakingly exercise, with a narrow street to contend with and large machinery to excavate the pool and site, meant patience would definitely be virtue on this site.

Stone masons meticulously and carefully dismantled sandstone as heavy and 200kg piece by piece.

Using a product called heritage one they stripped the building of its 5 layers of paint it had been dressed with over the past 110 years. This was a process that took 6 weeks alone as each layer had to be covered in plastic and left for more that a week to strip.

New opening needed to be created and walls to be constructed. This required sourcing the same stone which then had to pitched back by had to match the existing.

Temporary steel structures were implemented to create openings and install stone headers that weighed 700kg

Roof pitches need to flow seamlessly from old to new and old structures removed and replaced for new.

French oak was imported from New Zealand, and V joint boards line the ceiling and bathroom walls.

Joinery was a challenge with a number of scribe details and shaping of timber members calling for a eye for detail and passion for quality.

We are extremely proud of this project as it has created a sense of responsibility to generations to come, so that they to can enjoy the history and the passion taken to restore and create a truly unique project.


Kind Regards

Micrah Projects Team

Project Name
Queenspark 2

Client Testimonial

I would like to thank the team at Micrah Projects for a job well done at my property at Queens Park.

Completely rebuilding a dilapidated old sandstone cottage and then melding it with a brand new structure they were building at the same time was never going to easy, but they handled it with aplomb.

The care, attention and dedication to the task at hand of all the team was second to none.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Micrah Projects to anyone, and should I require any building works done in the future, I would very much like to engage their services again.

Garth Paterson
Project Name
Queenspark 2