Forest Lodge 1

New Home

Recognition: Winner 2013 Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing

Architect: Development Design

Year Completed: 2013

Project overview: This vacant block of land was overtaken by an array of rubbish, spare parts, and out of control weed when we began works to the site.

Situated in one of the inner west’s tightest streets, this small 220m2 site brought with it many challenges and restraints.

The project was a logistical nightmare, and needed to be built with the precision of a surgeon in order to finish it on time, whilst protecting neighboring property, and maintaining a very high level of detail and quality.

Bringing materials in meant all suppliers needed to be made aware of the logistical challenge in order to successfully drop off material. Detailed truck routes and traffic management plans where necessary to inform transport companies and protect parked vehicles and property from damage.

Traffic control was needed for each and every delivery, ensuring a perfect record at the end of the project.
Once out of the ground a big push needed to happen in order to still complete on time and on budget.
Material storage and handling was dealt with precision and accuracy in order for trades to work efficiently and safely whilst not compromising the quality of the build.
Pouring concrete meant squeezing concrete trucks and pumps within millimeters of parked vehicles whilst diverting traffic and pedestrians safely and efficiently.

The building is a brick veneer structure, with double brick party walls , and sheet metal roofing.
The windows are all full commercial sections that have been detailed so all frames and mullions flow into each other seamlessly. All glazing has been taken floor to ceiling which mean all our floor , wall ceiling structures needed to be built within 3mm of being plumb and level in order to have the lining run into them accurately.

Shadow line junctions wrap the perimeter of the ceiling whist large format tiles cover the floor.
A beautiful concrete formed kitchen island bench sits proudly in the middle of the home as a central art piece.

Tallowood decking in a natural finish wraps the external floor surfaces running line on line through the home even though they are not connected.
Jolly edging to all tiles in bathrooms and wet areas proved to be a timely exercise, but looks spectacular when finished.

Floor to ceiling doors give you a sense of height to the 2.4 ceilings on the first level and veneer joinery surfaces give it a sense of luxury.

This home has been a wonderful project to work on and has surprisingly exceeded all our expectation for such a small site.

The end result is a home that has a real sense of light, space and luxury.

Kind Regards,

Micrah Projects Team

Project Name
Forest Lodge 1

Client Testimonial

I was recommended to use Micrah Projects for my new build in Forest Lodge and am so
pleased I did.

It was a challenging project which the experienced team rose to with enthusiasm and

Their attention to detail and commitment to high quality is to be commended and is
evidenced by the Master Builders Award that was achieved.

I am so proud of this house and highly recommend Micrah Projects for renovations or new

Project Name
Forest Lodge 1